6 - 9 July 2023 Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol
A celebration of street culture
6 - 9 July 2023 | Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol

We decided we needed a name for the NASS community. You voted in your thousands, and after some great suggestions (and some dead ones), you named yourselves NASStronauts  🚀 

We’re making a pledge together with you to ensure we’re all doing our best to make NASS and the world a better place.


So… what does it mean to be a NASStronaut? 👩‍🚀

Well, we think NASStronauts are quite simply outstanding humans. 

  • You love the things that NASS was founded on – action sports, music, and street art. In a nutshell: you understand the importance of street culture in all corners of the world.
  • You welcome everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion or planet and want to extend your friendship orbit.
  • You respect other people and practice active consent
  • You come to the NASS world to find your community and be whoever you want to be, without judgement  and you look out for those around you.
  • You come to NASS to experience something out of this world, but you’re not detached from it. You care about it
  • You’re here to have a sick time and think everyone at NASS should get to do the same, of course!

Don’t agree? Then, this might not the right space for you.

Do your bit

  • Do the usual things, drink water, wear sunscreen, bring clothes for all weathers, and use them all at the right moments!
  • We have 24 hour medical and welfare services available. If you’ve taken something and you’re feeling unwell, overwhelmed or scared, head there and our team will look after you. Remember, the welfare team is there to help you, not to tell the police.

If you see something that doesn’t look right, speak to a member of the security team immediately. Don’t be ashamed to raise your voice for someone who might need it, that’s the real NASStronaut spirit.

  • Say something. If you feel safe to do so say something like ‘that’s not funny’ or ‘that’s not ok’.
  • Tell someone. This could be a member of our stewarding and security team or bar team or anyone who works at the festival
  • Distract. Give someone an opportunity to leave a situation by offering a distraction. You could ask them set times, or to take a photo of you and your mates, it’s so easy and it can make an enormous difference.
  • Document . Take a video or photo or text someone what you’re seeing if you feel safe to do so. Remember, don’t share this info around unless the victim is happy for you to do so.
  • Offer support. Offer your support to the victim and direct them to our Welfare service (which is open 24 hours a day). We NASStronauts look out for each other


  • Everyone is welcome at NASS and with that in mind, harassment or abuse of any kind is not acceptable in our community.
  • Take your tent home. Every year, thousands of festival goers leave their tents just so they don’t have to pack them back up. This takes an enormous toll on our planet so please do your bit. You can use the same tent for years and it will save you hundreds of pounds in future festivals.
  • We’ve added the £10 litter bond to all camping tickets. If you return your bag of litter on your way out of the campsites​, you’ll get your £10 back, easy.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle. You’re going to be thirsty and it’s going to be a hot summer. Please stay hydrated, and the best way to do so is by filling up your own reusable bottle at any of the water points.

Saving one planet at a time

  • We’ll be measuring our fuel and electricity use at the show in order to reduce our impact.
  • 100% renewable energy will supply our head office in London by the end of 2023.​
  • We’re making use of as much of the Bath and West Showground’s existing infrastructure to reduce the need to supply cabins and marquees​
  • We’re prioritising the use of local suppliers to reduce are carbon footprint

We’re taking the following measures regarding single use plastics:

  • Ban the use of plastic straws​
  • Ban the sales of drinks in single use plastic ​
  • Ban single use condiment sachets (g.sauces, milk)​
  • Ban the use and sale of non-biodegradable glitter​
  • We only use reusable crockery and cutlery or compostable serve ware​
  • We have tap water points across the festival and encourage all customers and staff to bring their own reusable bottles to make use of these
  • No takeaway coffee cups available back-of-house ​
  • Reusable cup scheme in place at all of our festival bars
  • We’ve added the £10 litter bond to all camping tickets. Festivalgoers can redeem their £10 bond by returning a bag of litter to our litter bond redemption point on their way out of the campsites​
  • We’ve got litter pickers in place to clear any rubbish from the local area
  • We’ve imposed recycling and reporting across the site and to all suppliers working on site
  • We’re encouraging customers to take their tent home and consider borrowing/buying second hand festival clothes to reduce unnecessary purchases and waste​
  • We will welcome local charities after the event to salvage quality tents left behind in our campsites
  • We’re encouraging caterers to have at least 1 x vegetarian and/or vegan option on their menu
  • We’re partnering with a local charity to distribute leftover food from our festival caterers
  • We’ll have robust measures are in place to prevent pollution of local waterways​
  • We’ll measure and report water usage
  • We’ve partnered with Big Green Coach to encourage sustainable travel​
  • We’re encouraging customers to car share or travel by train ​when not using our Coach partner


We are committed to making the experience at NASS Festival as inclusive as possible.

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