6 - 9 July 2023 Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol
A celebration of street culture
6 - 9 July 2023 | Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol


Before you dive headfirst into the frenzy, let’s make sure you’re fully equipped with all the essentials for an unforgettable weekend. You will need a packing checklist won’t you?  We could have said something like ‘Ready to absolutely annihilate that festival scene in 2023? Well, buckle up ’cause we’re about to unleash the freshest list of hip and edgy essentials that’ll make you the reigning champ of the festival world!’ But we’d rather give you actual useful advice. What should you put in a spreadsheet to tick out before getting to NASS? Here’s the ultimate festival packing guide to NASS.

festival packing guide

Your ticket:

Don’t be dumb. Your head is just not to wear a drinking hat, but also to think. You wouldn’t want to be that person desperately scrambling for their e-ticket at the entrance, holding up the line, would you? PS, make sure to check your junk folder as sometimes tickets end up in there…

So, make sure you have it ready to go on your phone or, even better, in good old printed form, so you can forever have it framed in your room. And please, bring a bucket hat instead.

Wait, you haven’t got tickets yet? Get tickets now!

Reusable water bottle:

Hydration is key, my friends. With all the dancing, cheering, and general merrymaking that awaits you, you will need some H2O.

Bring a trusty reusable water bottle and take advantage of the convenient refill points sprinkled throughout the festival grounds. Be water, guys.

Phone charger:

We live in an age where our phones have become extensions of ourselves. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the festival groupchat’s memes or NASS’ latest updates, right? So, ensure your phone stays fully charged throughout the weekend.

Pack a portable charger or get one at the festival thru Charge Candy (although if you prebook it now you’ll save some dollar).

Record some stuff to generate FOMO: we totally get the necessity of becoming your own digital product in 2023 BUT PLEASE, do not record every single minute; no one cares. Enjoy, dance and become the music.


Sun cream:

The sun is set to shine upon NASS with all its might, so prepare for its fiery embrace. Shield your delicate skin from the sun’s wrath and avoid becoming a crispy human barbecue, PLEASE.

Remember to pack sun cream and bathe in the glorious rays responsibly. And we know that you will forget to put sun cream anyway, so bring an aftersun lotion at least.


We all want to feel fresh as a daisy, even after hours of raving and non-stop fun. That’s why wet wipes should be your new best friends for the weekend.

Don’t forget to bring all your usual toiletries but do keep in mind that aerosols are a no-go on site. Opt for roll-on deodorant and leave those spray cans at home.


Ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between, we know you like to enhance your natural beauty, but let’s keep it practical. Large mirrors and glass bottles might be prohibited, but fear not!

Small compact mirrors are fully endorsed. Or you can just get a Club Class wristband and get access to a full pamper lounge with mirrors, hair dryers, straighteners and you won’t even need to pack a thing, easier.


Camping Equipment:

Ah, the great outdoors! If you’re in it for the long haul, make sure you come prepared for the camping experience of a lifetime. Chairs are greatly appreciated when sipping under the sun, but they often get overlooked.

Before the music sets your soul on fire, there’s the pre-show relaxation period with your beloved squad. To truly unwind and soak up the sun at the campsite, a small camping chair will be your faithful companion. Sit back, relax, and let the good times roll. (and again, put some sun cream on)


Find your tent mates or embrace the solitude of your own kingdom and secure yourself a top-notch tent, or borrow one for the occasion.

If you do bring your own, please make sure you take it home afterwards – you’ll be able to use it your whole life. It’s good for the planet and good for your pocket, do you need any other reason?

Alternatively, book any of our glamping options here and come hassle-free!


Roll mat:

Picture this: a bumpy, uneven field. Now, imagine yourself sinking into a plush roll mat or an inflatable mattress, defying nature.

Comfort, my dear festival-goers, is the key to a well-rested and energized you. You will only sleep couple of hours every day, we know that, but make sure they count.


Ah, sweet dreams under the stars. But wait, where will you rest your precious head?

Fear not, for a tiny blow-up camping pillow will come to your rescue, providing just the right amount of support without taking up precious packing space.

Rest, my friends, we’ve got 4 days to experience.


Ah, the fashion dilemma. We all want to strut our stuff and unleash our inner fashion icons at a festival. But here’s a friendly tip: plan your outfits in advance. Strike that perfect balance between packing too little and packing your entire wardrobe.

As for NASS 2023, the weather forecast promises warm days, so pack your finest hats, shorts, and tees to stay cool.

But don’t forget to bring your raincoat and layers like hoodies, jumpers, trousers, and jackets for the chilly nights. The UK weather has a dark sense of humour, after all and it’s showing a small chance of rain! (which might turn into a thunderstorm, who knows).

PLUS – there will also be a model scouting agency on-site this year so come with your hottest looks.



A festival is an endurance test. To keep your energy levels soaring throughout the weekend, make sure to pack a few snacks.

Cereal bars, crisps, fruit, bread, and pastries are all excellent choices.

However, remember to strike a balance and avoid overpacking. Let’s not contribute to the dreadful crime of food waste!

Check out all the caterers that will be on site this year. Lots of meal options will be £10 or less!


Now, we know that music and libations often go hand in hand, but let’s tread carefully, shall we? When it comes to bringing alcohol to NASS, there are a few rules to abide by.

First and foremost, leave your glass bottles at home. They have no place in this party paradise.

Instead, if you’re a weekend camper aged 18 or over, you can bring either 12 cans of beer, cider, and/or alcopops per person. But remember, spirits and beverages with alcohol content exceeding 12% ABV are strictly off-limits. To see all prohibited items please head here.


Bring your skate board or BMX and come along to the Public Park – everyone is welcome!


✨ And now, my dear fellow revellers, a final word of wisdom. In this age of social media obsession, we often find ourselves more focused on capturing the perfect moment than fully immersing ourselves in it. Let us not forget the essence of NASS: the music. When those beats hit your soul and the crowd sways in unison, put down your phones, disconnect from the digital world, and embrace the magic unfolding before your eyes. Live in the moment, dance like nobody’s watching, and let the music be your guiding light.

So, dear NASStronauts, gather your essentials, pack your enthusiasm, and prepare for a weekend of unforgettable moments at this year’s NASS. May the music ignite your spirit and the memories you create last a lifetime. It’s time to let loose, celebrate life, and savour every exhilarating second.


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